The Body Is Honest

The body is honest. Let's hear it out.


Massage therapy lowers stress (decreases the stress hormone, cortisol), anxiety, symptoms of depression, and pain.  While paying you with those awesome benefits, massage also heightens circulation,  successful recovery from surgery, range of motion, and increases happy chemicals (serotonin and dopamine), and ability to fall asleep more easily and sleep longer.  


Massage is a journey into ourselves; the experience should flow like a river.


Your well-being cannot wait one more day.  Shawna offers standalone appointments but encourages clients to incorporate consistent massage into their schedules by offering packages--- the more you buy, the bigger the cash-savings.  When you receive consistent massage from Shawna, she is able to work toward your healing goals and you experience the relief and compassionate care you deserve. 



Touch doesn’t fix, it enables what is natural within us.