Timeout for Primary Caregivers

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This post is dedicated to the stay-at-home parents out there.  

When you dream of summer, you may think of sandy beaches, long, relaxing vacations, and instagramesque family photos of your gorgeous, calm, happy children.  I hate to break it to you, but real-life summer with kids is much more nitty-gritty, down and dirty than that, as I'm sure you've realized by this point.

 Are you feeling tapped out from Summer fun?  August is the point in the season when you’ve used up most of your BESTSUMMEREVER ideas for your children.  Your most clever tricks are all dried up. How many times can you process arguments between children, clean sandy bottoms, and pack, unpack, and repack the trunk of the car? It’s not easy to spend every waking moment putting your body through the marathon that is summer at home with spawn.  

If you practice any of these body movements throughout the day, you may need to pay my massage table a visit:

Crouch down to get on kid’s eye level

Feed a baby

Hold a baby

Birth a baby

Play the “Knock Down Mommy Game”

Scrub sink full of dishes with a baby on your back while 4 year old yells to be wiped from the throne

Wipe child’s bottom with or without baby on your back

Carry a baby on your back for any minutes per day

Manage a tantruming child

I urge you, stay-at-home-parent, give yourself a timeout on my massage table and feel the benefits of lowered stress levels, lowered anxiety, the feeling of connection with yourself and bodily autonomy. We all need a little space sometimes.  And if you're the parent of a new or young baby, feel free to bring 'em along. 

If you or someone you know needs a timeout on my table with a massage from someone who gets it- the good, the bad, the ugly- share this post with them!