3 Road Trip Tips for Feel Better Travel

So, you’ve planned the trip, procured a place to stay, packed the car and you’re on the road!  At first you feel bright eyed while you sing your favorite tunes but soon enough your back starts aching and you may feel the beginnings of head, neck, and back pain. 

Here are some tips to feel better so you can get to your destination and start having FUN! 

1. Add Time for Water and Potty Breaks

Add at least thirty minutes (more if you’re hauling pets and/or children) to your total drive time to ensure that you can drink plenty of water on your trip and leisurely pause for multiple stops to relieve yourself in peace. Being dehydrated wreaks havoc on your whole system and contributes to exhaustion and headaches… not the best way to let the good times roll. 

2. Sit Up Straight

Pack a travel pillow or a special lumbar support (I knew you were fancy!) to place between the back of your seat and your low back.  This will help encourage better posture while driving. It also doesn’t hurt to actually think about how you’re sitting.  Are you riding low? Are your shoulders completely rolled forward, place tons of extra stress on your entire back?  Maybe you slouch to one side, leaning on the arm rest? All of these can make your alignment out of whack. Do what your mama taught you and SIT. UP. STRAIGHT.

3. Rest Stop Stretches

When you stop at a rest stop, take five minutes to stretch.  

  • Roll your shoulders up and back, imagining holding a pencil between your shoulder blades. 

  • When you roll your shoulders up and back, try to clasp your hands near your low back.  Breathe. Feel your chest opening. If you are able, lift your clasped hands away from your body. Feel alive again! 

  • While clasping your hands by your low back, gently let your head drift to one side and breathe for ten seconds.  Then, let it drift to the other side for ten seconds. No need to force your head… it’s heavy enough to make this stretch luscious. 

  • Try to honor whatever part of your body is feeling tight.  Give it a little love and attention. This may be some quick old school quad stretches, a wide-leg forward fold, or even reaching toward the sky and gently looking up.  

Summer is a time of outward exploration and connection with others.  I hope wherever you wander, you’re able to support yourself with these 3 tips so you can be present and have fun when you get where you’re going.  And when you return, book your recovery massage right here!