Self-Care Swag: 3 Things to Help Yourself

Self-care is a concept that has not been around for very long.  The idea that you give yourself permission to take care of you without feeling guilty can be life changing.  When we instill this practice, we have more to give others, from a place resembling balance and perspective. Similar to meditation and yoga, and really any routine you want to instill into your life, self-care is a practice.  It takes attention and intention to actually take care of yourself in a way that feels nourishing and doable. I’d love to tell you about 3 items available at CLINIC that you can incorporate into your own self-care for spring.

  1. Peppermint Pedango foot cream: This stuff is divine!  It’s thick and feels luxurious to massage into your own feet.  Even better, have you ever done a foot massage swap with a friend or partner (or even your kid?).  It’s a fun, simple way to connect while easing pain and tension. This foot cream which is made locally in Greenfield, MA is cooling, smells pepperminty-fresh, and includes arnica which reduces inflammation.  Perfect for your tender tootsies!

  2. TriggerPoint foam roller:  Though I don’t condone the “no pain, no gain” antiquated practice of massage, I have to admit holding consistent pressure on trigger points while focusing on your  breath can make a huge difference with how intense the sensation is. Bring that massage goodness home with a foam roller! I strongly suggest it for folks who work at computers or sit for long periods of time.  It can release a ton of stress in your back and sacrum, as well as your limbs and even your feet. Here’s a foam rolling video for beginners!

  3. Weighted Blanket: If you’ve been on my massage table in the last 6 months or more, you’ve likely experienced everyone’s best friend, our weighted blanket.  The weight assists in calming you by activating your parasympathetic nervous system (the restful, zen feeling you experience during and after your massage).  Weighted blankets help people with anxiety sleep deeper, longer. I work with a local artist-mama who tailors the blankets to your needs (you want one approximately 10% of your body weight).  You can even request a color scheme or pattern you’d like! Next time you’re in for your massage, let’s get the ball rolling on that and soon you can have your OWN weighted blanket bestie at home too!

Next time you come to CLINIC for your regular massage, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about these three items and how they can bolster your spring self-care!