Cupping Facial Q+A


When I mention that I offer a service called a Cupping Facial, people sort of stop in their tracks.  They look befuddled and curious about what that might mean. Some people immediately think of the large red circular marks that swimmer Michael Phelps donned during the 2016 Olympics.  There are lots of questions about what the cups look like, how they might feel and what the effects are. Here’s a little Q + A about facial cupping!

Q: What do they look like?

A: Teeny tiny silicone cone-shaped unicorn horns.  Though I do use bigger cups on bigger body parts like the back, hips or hamstrings, I stick to the tiniest cups possible for the face and neck.

Q: How do the cups feel?

A: Everyone’s experience is different but generally they feel like a pulling sensation as they gently pull the fascia (your connective tissue) up and away from your bones, followed by a gentle sweeping which moves in the direction of your lymph flow.  At times I utilize “flash cupping” which involves quickly and succinctly suctioning and letting go of your fascia, causing the little cups to make kissy sounds. Kind of weirdly funny at first, but you get used to it!

Q: What are the effects of facial cupping?

A: You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed as the cups help bring nutrients to the surface of your face and neck.  You WILL NOT have any marks or bruises on your face whatsoever, as the method for face cupping is quite different from the cupping I use on the rest of the body.  The cups are not stationary for any lengthy period of time. By the end of your session, you’ll feel rejuvenated, energized and glowy!

Q: Who’s reaps the most rewards from facial cupping?

A: Facial cupping is helpful for people who suffer from headaches, migraines, TMJ, jaw pain, sinus pain, and allergies, or anyone who wants to add an extra layer to their massage (My cupping facial is offered as an add-on to my Create Space Relaxation Massage or as a standalone treatment).

Glorious Spring has finally sprung and thus, pollen is upon us.  Do your sneeziest, stuffiest, wateriest friend a solid and forward them this info about my cupping facial, will ya?  And if you are the sufferer, book your massage plus 30 minute facial cupping session right here.

Shawna Stern