6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wellness Routine


It’s true! Spring is nearly here.

With the approaching new season, it’s time to freshen up your wellness routine.

Out with the old and crusty and in with the new! Today I’m going to offer you a few spring cleaning ideas to help you get ready.

  • Freshly Equipped

Check your exercise sneakers for solid tread, strength, and support.  If they’re in rough shape, start looking for sales in your local stores and treat your feet to a good sneaker.  If there’s one thing not to cut corners with, it’s well-supported footwear. The way we walk affects everything- knees, hips, back, and neck wellness.  Also, check the condition of WHATEVER physical activity equipment you use: boxing gloves, bike, helmet, cleats, hiking boots, pilates straps, swimming goggles.  

  • Clean & check your foam roller and yoga mat for signs of wear and tear.  

Are there chunks ripped off your foam roller?  Is your well-loved yoga mat pilling or practically worn through?  Perhaps it’s replacement time! Clean your mat and roller if it’s been awhile.  I love Meyer’s Clean Day Spray. I use it on my mat and love to sniff it when I’m practicing downward dog.  

  • Declutter your fridge (BONUS if you sift your spices too!)

Has it been *awhile* since you swept through your fridge for expired, soggy, or fuzzy foods? Honestly, nothing makes me feel more ON MY GAME OF LIFE than cleaning my fridge, level by level. I suggest setting aside 30 minutes for this task (put on some motivation music and set a timer to make it a game!).  

  1. Remove fuzzy, long-expired food.

  2. Keep super perishable food like dairy in the bottom of the fridge before continuing to step #3.

  3. For items in recyclable containers, remove contents into the garbage disposal or compost and rinse containers before throwing into the recycling bin.

  4. Pull out remaining food and keep organized on countertops or kitchen floor.

  5. Remove drawers and shelves, one by one and clean with hot, sudsy water and sponge.  

  6. Allow drawers and shelves to dry before replacing.

  7. Put fresh food back into the fridge, making notes of the major items that need to be purchased during your next grocery store trip.

  8. Dance around your kitchen in celebration of how responsible and awesome you are!

  • Bulletin board sift

Now that we’re circling toward Spring (hallelujah!), it may have been awhile since you’ve sorted, removed and recycled papers from your bulletin board which you no longer need.  Do it now! Old invitations, expired coupons, your kids’ school papers from September- get rid of that which no longer serves you!

  • SPF face moisturizer

This is on my personal to-do list! Everyone should be wearing some face moisturizer with SPF every day.  Especially in New England, where Mother Nature often surprises us with a few isolated 90 degree days in April, don’t get sunburned right out of the gate! Ease your face into summer with some protection from the sun’s rays.

  • Book a massage

As the weather warms and we’re lucky to get outside more, our increased running, biking, swimming, and racing, can really surprise our bodies.  Accomplish your fitness goals more efficiently by booking yourself a massage! Foam rolling and stretching is helpful between massage sessions, but I’m sure you can agree that it’s *just not the same* as having a hands-on massage with yours truly!    


Hey!  I really hope you enjoyed these 6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wellness Routine.  To spring clean your muscles, book your next massage now!