Demystifying Your Maiden Massage

So you’ve finally booked your first massage with me! Congrats!  If you’re anything like me and most other folks, it’s incredibly helpful to know what to expect from your first massage.  First thing’s first, fill out the online health history form found here.

Getting to CLINIC: Alternative Medicines:  CLINIC is located at 98 Main. St. in Northampton, Massachusetts, which is in the heart of downtown.  Sometimes, the GPS gets whacky and sends you to Florence.  Don’t listen to it!  You can park on the street or you can park in the EJ Gare Parking Garage (85 Hampden St. Northampton)--which, at .50 an hour, is quite the steal! If you park in the garage, just walk through Thornes Market to Main St. and take a right out of the door onto Main St..  We’re located above Bruegger’s Bagels.  You walk up one flight of stairs and you’re in!

What to do if you’re an early bird:  You deserve all of the kudos, the points, and the praise because you managed to get to an appointment--any appointment--on time!  You can use the restroom and help yourself to some tea or water and wait for your appointment time in the quiet, peaceful, beautiful space within CLINIC.  During the wet, salty months, please remove your shoes and help yourself to some cozy slippers.

It’s time!  I’ll greet you at your appointment time and will lead you to the room where you’ll receive your massage.  We’ll have a seat for a few minutes to discuss the health history that you filled out ahead of time and I’ll ask you any follow-up questions that are necessary to make certain you receive the massage you need and is safe for you.  I’ll explain what to expect from the session and I’ll tell you that you can undress to your comfort level.  For some people that means they undress completely and some people they might keep their underwear on.  Basically, whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable- I’ll work with it!  Whatever you choose, only the part of the body that I’m working on will be exposed at a time.  The rest of your body will be snug as a bug in a rug under the sheet.  If at any time, you want me to re-drape part of your sheet, let me know! I’ll also ask you about your pressure preference.  Every massage therapist’s strength is different on any given day, but if you give me a solid starting point, we can work from there.  I don’t talk much at all during the sessions, but I will ask about the pressure a few times at least and will adjust accordingly.

You should know that the beginning of the massage is slightly lighter as I work to warm up your muscles.  As the session progresses I’ll be able to work deeper, as your muscles let me in and you relax more fully.  

A few other options: Usually before the session, I’ll ask if you want any specific scent to be diffused in the room during your session.  Are you in an orange-cinnamon or lavender mood? When I prompt you to turn face up on the table, I’ll offer you a lavender eye pillow and a cushion for your head.

After your massage time is over, I’ll tell you to take your time getting off the table and I’ll see you out in the main space of CLINIC in a few minutes.  If you haven’t pre-paid for your appointment (with a package or individually), I’ll meet you at the desk and I’ll take payment and say our goodbyes until next time!  About a day after your first appointment with me, I’ll send you an e-mail checking in and asking for any feedback that you may want to share before our next session.  

If you know of anyone who really wants or needs a massage but has some questions, be a world class friend and share this post with them!