Shawna Stern's Massage Manifesto



n. A public declaration of intentions or views 

Some people have had a few massage experiences that leave them believing that most massages are the same.  That could not be further from the truth, which you’ll know following a massage with me.  Just like anything worthwhile in life, finding the massage therapist you want to stick with may take some practice and some trial and error and that’s okay!  Don’t fret, though.  I’m right here.

I shall focus and follow through

My attention to detail from the cleanliness and organization of the massage space to the follow up e-mails with stretching ideas or yoga videos, your experience doesn’t necessarily end after the massage.  I view our professional relationship as an ongoing one.  Relationships require attention, consideration, and work.

I shall keep it fresh

I’m always thinking of new modalities to add to my toolbox as well as fine-tuning the skills I own.  This is a characteristic of mine that has always grated on my mother-- my inability to be content with sameness.  However, I think it’s great for this business!  You won’t receive the same exact massage twice.  In my off time, I’m taking continuing education courses, reading articles and researching new and different ways to approach the body to make progress toward my client’s goal(s). Within the realm of massage, there are endless ways to get creative and keep it fresh.  This personality trait stokes my enthusiasm and positive energy!

I shall deliver top shelf care

When I’m working with a client, the rest of my responsibilities (Family! Kids! House! Other clients! Last night’s episode of The Daily Show!) fade away.  The only thing I’m focused on is the client with whom I’m working.  I hear you.  I respond to the information you give me, both with your words and the messages I receive from your body.  I check in to make sure both the pressure and flow are what you’re needing that day.  If I notice you're getting congested in the face cradle, I'll offer you some eucalyptus essential oils to help.  If you've mentioned you've been extra anxious and feel a little queasy, I may offer peppermint.  If I notice you react to some deeper pressure, I'll check in to make sure you're still digging it.  It's these anticipatory acts of consideration and compassion that MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

I shall offer alternate methods to get the results you need: Cupping is one of them!

I love cupping!  I can’t contain my enthusiasm and here’s why:

  • The silicone cups are both big and small for different parts of your body.  I may use my largest size for the low back and a multiple minis for your upper traps or scapula.

  • They can be easily and quickly moved to different parts of your body without losing time from your massage.  I may do some slide cupping up your spine (it feels incredible!) and place some stationary cups on your low back and hips.  

  • I often use the stationary cups for one side of your back while working the other side of your back with my hands.  They’re like tiny magical helpers, allowing me to work extra parts of your body at the same time.  Ta-da! Party trick secured (if I ever find myself attending a cupping party)!

I shall treat everyone with compassion

Life is hard for everyone at times.  Though I may not understand exactly what you’re going through, I can imagine the feeling, the struggle.  We’re all human.  If I can offer a person a space that is safe, where they feel seen and heard, then I’ve done my job.  It’s possible for all of that to happen before I even start the hands-on work of massage.  No matter who you are and what you’ve experienced in your life, I see you.  I hear you.  Consider incorporating regular massage into your schedule.  It may help.  

Thanks for reading my manifesto.  If what you’ve read here today sounds like an energy, focus or technique that a friend or family member of yours could really use, go ahead and forward this blog post to them!  If you’re dying to try a massage with cupping to see why I love it so much, go here to book.