How to Embrace Winter

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Winter is a polarizing topic as a New Englander.  Some people embrace it, gleefully venturing out into the zero degree weather to snowshoe, cross country ski, or hike.  Others drift unintentionally to become a shell of themselves between November and April.  The excess of food, alcohol, sitting, blast of historical familial patterns and intense covering of darkness and cold sends many into a winterlong tailspin.  But maybe, just maybe, this year can be different! Let’s gather up our bootstraps and make some intentional choices to add good feelings to winter!  

Here’s how to start:

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

  • If you realize you’re spinning and can’t focus, look for something easily attainable that makes you feel organized.  Fold laundry, do the dishes, sweep the kitchen, take a shower.  These are easily accomplished tasks.  Sometimes it just takes a shift in energy to send us in a positive direction.

Bust a Move

  • When you wake up in the morning, think about how you’ll fit exercise into your day.  Will you get to a HITT or kickboxing class at the gym, go cross country skiing at a local snow-covered park, or do fifteen minutes of an online yoga class in your living room before the kids wake up? Movement can activate the happy chemicals in your brain and can strengthen your body and help you feel better.

Retrain Your Brain

  • Throw a wrench into the habits that are making you feel crummy.  Do you notice that every night you binge on the ice cream and leftover holiday treats until you feel bloated and ill? Make a new routine for yourself.  Instead, consider cozifying your bedroom.  After all, as an adult, you must rely on yourself to nurture you!

Foolproof bedroom cozifying:

  1. Find your heating pad and set it up in your bed ten minutes before you climb in.

  2. Fill up that hot water bottle to stick at the end of your bed for a feet treat.

  3. Nightstand stuff: Water bottle, tea, tissues, essential reading material

  4. Leave your cell phone and laptop in another part of the house.

  5. Consider turning tech off completely.

Bribery-- It’s not just for your kids!  

  • Book a massage every two weeks and set a goal for yourself to meet. Do you have a stack of books on your nightstand you’ve been meaning to get to?  A list of little house projects that need buttoning up or a workout regimen you are ready rock?  Let a massage with me be your carrot!  Receiving massage on my toasty table sounds like a little piece of JOY that you really could use.  I offer massage packages at a discounted rate, which is a perfect way to prepay for the massage you need and love!

Though it's forever valuable and necessary to take care of your community and the folks in your close circles, you really cannot effectively do that if you're depleted.  So, this winter consider trying one or all of these methods to nurture yourself and experience a brighter winter season.