Massage Truths


Sometimes during a massage, a question will come up with a client and I think Hey! Maybe other people are wondering about this, too! So, here you go-- some questions you may have-- answered!


  1. Whoop! Hair it is!  I do not care in the least-- seriously not one bit-- if you do or do not shave your legs or armpits or if hair sprouts or doesn’t from your chin, arm, leg, back.  It just doesn’t matter to me or any massage therapist I know.  You’ve got enough things to think about, so try to let this one go!                                                                                         
  2. Musical Accompaniment Early last year I had a return client who said he had a playlist that he’d love to hear during his massage.  I said enthusiastically, “Sure thing! As long as it’s not screamo music, I can play it!”.  Turns out it was space music.  I’m still not 100% sure how to explain it, but it was AWE-SOME.  I loved it because it was a super relaxing choice and I know my client was so happy to have this simple spacey request honored.  If you have a chill mix that you fall asleep to regularly or if you have a relaxing meditation podcast, classical, bluegrass...chances are good that I’ll happily play it.                                
  3. Choices Choices Sometimes it’s hard to know what we need.  During your massage, I usually don’t talk a whole lot but I do ask a few questions like, “Would you like an eye pillow?” “How does the pressure feel? Would you like more or less?” or “Are there any parts of your body you do not want work on today?”  Some of these questions I ask before we get started and some I ask during the work.  You are always allowed to change your mind.  Having received massage before I went to school, I know it can sometimes feel like you don’t have the power to use your voice or change your mind.  Hear me loud and clear: You always have the power to change your mind.  This is your time and you deserve to have some extra work on that tricky forearm or maybe you thought you wanted the eye pillow but now that it’s on, you just want it off.  Even if you forgot to mention it before we got started, even if you originally said you didn’t want work on it, I will do my best to accommodate.                                                                                            

  4. Body Talk  Though some people feel at complete peace within their body, this is a goal for many people.  My goal as a licensed massage therapist and fellow human is to meet you wherever you are when I greet you.  Maybe you’re someone who has never received massage before? That’s okay.  Maybe you’re someone who has a long and tangled, arduous relationship with your body? That’s okay.  Maybe you’ve had accidents and surgeries and recovery?  That’s okay.  Wherever you are on your journey to connecting with yourself, I’ll meet you there.  There’s no “fixing” that I’ll be doing.  There’s only working with you to help you feel heard, assist in relaxation, and offering you a safe space to exist during the time we work together.

Questions? Please email me at  It’s likely you are not alone! If you’d like to integrate regular massage with me into your life, please go here to book.  ALL people welcome!

Photo of neon question mark in tunnel by Emily Morter