Sports Stone Promo and Updated Massage Hours!

Hey, there!

My name is Shawna Stern and I practice massage therapy at Clinic: Alternative Medicines on Main St. in Northampton, MA.  I work with folks to help them reduce their symptoms of the stress/anxiety/depression trifecta, people experiencing transitions, folks preparing for or recovering from athletic challenges, and I help with sciatica and low back pain. I love to help ALL people.  Clinic is an LGTBQIA friendly and welcoming space!


What’s a’happenin’?

I love and care about my clients so much, I’m regularly tweaking and improving the massage experience!  Lately, I’m SUPER excited about a delightful lavender eye pillow that comes from a small business in Maine.  It’s soft and fluffy, but adds some soothing weight to the tail end of your massage.  Adding an eye cover to your massage is and will always be optional because my top priority in every massage is offering a safe and secure space for folks to exist.


Cupping is where it’s at!

Lately, I’ve been falling in love with cupping all over again!  The sensation is a challenge to describe but it feels RAD.


  1. Stationary: Cups are in one spot for around five minutes or so, pulling the fascia in an anti-gravitational direction.  The fascia and muscle moves upward, away from the bone!

  2. Slide: My favorite cupping to give and receive suctions the fascia while the cup moves along the muscle group.  It feels so awesome!

  3. Flash: Multiple cups are suctioned and released along the muscle group rapidly.




In the month of December, if you book a Sports Stone massage, you receive 10% off!  That’s 90 minutes of BOTH hot stone massage and therapeutic hands on work with range of motion and stretching for under $100!  If you are an athlete preparing for or recovering from an athletic challenge or if you’re someone who is devoted to hands on work but you want to take your relaxation up about ten notches, then this is the massage for YOU! E-mail me at for booking/receiving your discount.  You have a few weeks left, so book now to get dollars off!



More Massage, Less Problems in 2018


I’m psyched to offer an extra day of massage in 2018!  My new hours are:

Wednesday and Thursday 3:30-9

Saturday 9-3

This means those of you who may have had a tough time getting out of the house during the week in the evenings (a problem I totally relate to with small children in the house!), can relax knowing you’ll get the care and feel-better feelings you deserve on Saturdays!  So, pop into downtown Northampton and sink into my super cozy heated table while you receive the massage you love.