Create Space Relaxation Massage


60 min. // 75 min. // 90 min.

 A fully restorative and relaxing massage, including a balanced combination of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and gentle stretching. This massage helps you feel connected to yourself, enjoy more movement in your body, and a clearer state of mind.


Shawna’s Cupping Massage


60min. //75 min. // 90min.

Silicone cups are added into the massage treatment. Shawna uses a compilation of techniques, namely slide cupping, stationary cupping and flash cupping.  Cupping therapy brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the chosen area.  The silicone cups give movement to adhesions by gently pulling the ligaments, muscles, and fascia away from the bone in an anti-gravitational direction.  Cupping is useful for extreme tension, athletes, and at the site of historical injuries.


Shawna's Cupping Facial

30 min.

Reach intense relaxation in a 30 minute facial massage session.  Extra small silicone cups are used to set tension free where attention is rarely received- the face, jaw, and neck!  The silicone cups gently and painlessly suction to release facial muscles from the intense stress and tension they hold.  Shawna includes a head massage, neck and upper trapezius work in this delightful treatment.


Shawna's Massage with Cupping Facial


Shawna’s Create Space Massage with a cupping facial to top it off! Bliss!


This 90 minute four sided massage provides the same physical and psychological benefits of a full body massage, while relieving sciatica and low back pain and tension.  The body is repeatedly integrated using stretch, vibration, rocking as well as therapeutic massage techniques. Neck, back, and gluteal muscles are massaged as the client relaxes, supported with pillows, on their stomach, left and right sides, and back.  This style is also loved by runners and athletes who are preparing for and recovering from races and athletic challenges.   

Shawna's Rotisserie Four Sided Massage                               

90 min.




This type of relaxation massage offers skilled, nurturing touch to people in the prenatal and postpartum period. Special techniques are used to relieve pain and swelling throughout the body in an effort to support mothers and their babies throughout the childbearing year. Extra time is taken with initial check-ins, as well as education to help ease discomforts off the massage table.

Prenatal Massage

75 min.


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